We have witnessed several people that put powerful engines in everything they can find, but this particular object was definitely not in our list of: “Things you should put an engine to and drive”.

What we are talking about is none the less than a bar stool, yes we know how it sounds but someone truly conectes an engine to the bar stool, we even have footage of a man driving this unusual creation.

What makes the matter more interesting is that this is not an ordinary engine.

The particular engine that you can see on the video is a powerful monster!

When we say powerful, we mean this 606ci, 720 pound-feet of torque and almost 700 horsepower engine!  And it’s connected to a bar stool!

We are still speechless that someone thought of doing something as ridiculous as this… but wait we have more surprises.

The biggest surprise on this weird vehicle, if we should even call it that, is that they cost a lot of money, almost $15,000!

This is how much you had to pay if you ever want to own one of these weird bar stools!

The 700 horsepower engine is not the only thing impressive about these little stool machines.

They have a V8 Chevy motor and can go up to 25 miles per hour! This probably makes them the fastest bar stools on the planet! These stools can even go up to 5 miles per hour in reverse!

Can be dangerous to develop this kind of speed, they can tow up to 2000lb, so at least, even though they are not very fast, they sure can be useful. This is definitely of the craziest things we have shown to you until now.

Make sure you don’t miss it…

Watch the shared video of the HossFly V8 powered bar stool and see this insane thing with your own eyes.

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