It will appear like an illusion to you, so we thought that is some concept chopper that is waiting to see the daylight, but damn boy were we wrong!

This mighty looking two wheels monster is a miracle of engineering! Just take a look how awesome it looks, ready for Nicolas Cage to ride it in the next part of Ghostrider!

Yes this chopper is the kind that will leave behind fire lines and can cruise the area in a few seconds, Hubless Monster built by Amen Motorcycles.

So ladies and gentlemen we invite you to meet the beastly chopper that rides without “rims”.

Yeah we know there is a circle that holds the tire but there is no center where the axle is attached!

But honestly this is not even the most impressive about this unique monster, the most interesting fact here is that he is in full riding shape ready to answer all possible challenges and provide the rider with excellent pleasure.

But what is the pleasure if it is riding like an ordinary chopper? What’s the big deal here?

For sure this chopper, Hubless Monster will break necks while passing on the streets and you will literally feel like “all eyes on me”, the attention you’ve always wanted.

Check the video for more.

Would you drive it ?