Porsche GT3 Smokes The Clutch Racing AC Cobra From a Red Light !!

We all know that feeling when you roll out of the car show with a couple of buddies or even when you happen to run into another car that happens to be out on the street can’t help but resist the urge, the one that tingles down your spine and tells you to go for a little bit of racing.

Of course that can be nothing serious or might be just a couple of quick blips to the throttle but there’s something about putting two cars head-to-head that really boosts your adrenaline and twists the faucet, making it flow out like water.

On this story we follow along with a Porsche GT3 that meets up with an AC Cobra at a red light and the person behind them pulled out their phone because they knew exactly what was about to happen.

They both revved their engines at one another, ready to blast off of that line when the light turned from red to green and when it finally dropped, they both left in unison

Well, they tried leaving in unison, but the clutch in the Porsche ended up going up in more smoke than the driver had anticipated and therefore, the car didn’t have as much power as he had originally thought.

Source : Youtube/ Moores Motorsports